About Us

We are an integrated town planning and architectural firm equipped with skilled and qualified personnel specialised in architectural and landscape designing. We provide all the services from planning approvals to final contraction covering

  • Architectural design and drafting
  • Structural design and certification
  • Town planning and building permit approvals
  • Landscape designing
  • 3D animations and rendering
  • Land surveying and sub division approvals
  • Project Management and construction supervision
  • Arranging the construction quoted from recognised builders

Our Vision

Through a unison of meticulous design and planning, pillared by years of experience, we hope to create a sense of belonging that connects people with the project. Our focus lies in providing trustworthy service that is both cost and time efficient.

Our Mission

The provision of high quality service that fulfils the clients objectives in the most cost and time efficient manner. We aim to cater to our clients’ needs, address concerns and provide any advice required.

Our Aim

At CK Design we lay the foundation to create the best possible outcome that always remains in line with the client’s intentions. Through innovative design we ensure the finished product remains exclusive and creative. We consider the clients idea to be a key, to which our team crafts the perfect lock, so that the end product is nothing short of a perfect fit to the clients’ needs.


Our integrated design approach aims to deliver environmentally sustainable outcomes with maximum efficiency. Incorporating environmentally friendly additions to use the solar energy and rain water Harvesting,